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Depository Participant Services (DP)

VCPL is a registered Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), India's leading DP service provider.

Our Depository Participant services address your individual investment needs. We have reiterated our past success by establishing ourselves as a growing Depository Participant in India, we have endeavoured to constantly add & innovate to make the business a pleasure for you.

Our customer-centric account schemes have been designed keeping in mind the investment psyche of our clients. Your DP account with us takes care of your Depository needs like dematerialisation, rematerialisation and pledging of shares.

Matching of your scanned signature on every debit instruction with a digitally scanned original in our system makes all your trading transactions absolutely secure. Proactive backup of your instructions prior to execution in the Depository makes us oblivious to system crashes.

At Vardhaman Capital, we place a very high premium on client reporting. Periodic statements sent to you keep you informed of your account status. Dedicated Customer Care lines manned by trained staff answer your queries on demat / trades/holdings.

Registration on our website enables you to check your account-related information, stock market reports and statistics, Corporate benefits declared by companies, real-time quotes of scrips on BSE and NSE and so much more online.

NSDL has launched a facility called IDeAS from January 2004 for investors to view balances and transactions in demat accounts updated on an online but not real-time basis. This facility is available to all the clients including Clearing Members (CMs) who have opened an account with any of the Participants under NSDL system.


  • SEBI Single Registration Number : INZ000204533 for NSE-CM, FAO, BSE-CM & FAO. Registered Member Code: 07528 (NSE), 3110 (BSE) NSDL : IN-DP-657-2021 MUTUAL FUND: AMFI-ARN 1130

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